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Create Custom Workflows

  1. Log into Zapendo
  2. Click on "Contract Manager Setup" in the left menu
  3. You will see three options: Manage Contracts, Deliverable, and Task. Click on the "Edit" icon next to the one you want to create a custom workflow
  4. Click on "Add step", give it a name, and select the user that you want to be part of this step. This individual must have an account and be an active user. To add users into the system, click on "Users" on the left main menu and click on "Add user"
  5. Configure the message and buttons to make sure it fits your workflow
  6. You can add as many steps as you want. Drag and drop to change the order
  7. Click "Publish" (the button located in the top tab next to "Workflow")  

Now, when you create a new contract, it will go through the workflow steps, and you will be able to track progress in Contract Manager.