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Sending for signature

You can send your document or template for signature within seconds! Here is how you do it.

  1. Find the document/template you would like to get signed.
  2. Add people that will be part of the signing process. Assign order if needed by selecting "Assign signer order".
  3. Give it a name in "Document Name" section.
  4. Drag and drop fields from the menu on the left unto the document where you would like people to fill out information, initial, date, or sign the document.
  5. Type up a custom message that will be delivered via email to your client. Note, custom branding is not available in Starter plans. 
  6. Select a due date for someone to sign this document. 
  7. Hit "Send". Document is on its way!

You will be notified via email as the document is viewed or signed.

At the end of this process, everybody is going to get a PDF copy of this document that was signed by all parties via email.

To see who signed the document before and download a copy, click on "Documents" on the left side menu, and click on "Signature Status." Click on the eye icon to view the signature status of the specific document, signature status, cancel, or download a copy.