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Smart Forms (Autofill)

NOTE: Do not put ' or " inside {{}}

Smart Forms allow you to populate information within a document by filling out a form instead of going through a document and editing it manually.

There are a few different ways to use a Smart Form. You can use it to create a totally new document or to fill out an eSignature template. However, first we have to create a Smart Form.

  • Creating a Smart Form (Option 1)
  1. Go to Document or Templates
  2. Click on a document that you would like to create a Smart Form for (only Word documents will work). The editor will open.
  3. Inside the document find the empty fields that you would like Smart Form to fill out.
  4. For example, I might have a field First Name and spaces next to it. Remove the spaces and insert {{FirstName}}. What goes inside the brackets is totally up to you. These are the values Smart Form will ask you to fill out. Go to "Proofing" and click on "Accept all changes".
  5. Once you found all the fields and replaced them with {{Field Name Here}}, you can now save it as a Smart Form. Click on "File" and then "Save as Smart Form".
  6. Find that same document that you just saved as Smart Form and next to it you will see "Fill and sign" button.

Note: when you use Smart Form for templates, it will ask you to send it for signature right after you are done filling out Smart Form.